Monday, February 4, 2008

CP's Surly Crosscheck

One reason I was interested in getting a blog going is to showcase some of the really fun custom work that we do and I am going to start off by highlighting a package we just put together for a customer on a budget. She was having a really hard time deciding what to go with so we sent her this idea....

A couple of us put our heads together in an effort to figure out what would be a good solution for you. We all think the Crosscheck is a great bike and have sold it several times to people we like. Obviously the tough part is that you do not get an opportunity to ride it first and if we do a build for you the implication is that this is now your bicycle. That said we will never stick you with anything you don't like and the advantage to having us do a custom build is that we can spec the appropriate size stem, handlebars and crankset so we have a headstart on you loving the bike right away. Another nifty thing is that we will be building the bike from the bare frame which gives us an inordinate amount of quality control and there will not be another like it. We handbuild our wheels which also ensures correct tension and true and normally the rate for wheelbuilds in 60$ per wheel. Corey does a wheelbuild special in the winter and halves the rate to 25$ front and 30$ rear.

So with that sales pitch here comes the price.

This estimate does NOT include pedals, saddle, or other accessories you may desire.

Build Kit w/frame & fork (no wheels) $840.86
Spokes: DT Competition $64.00
Rims: Sun M13 II $60.00
Assembly: $125.00
Wheelbuilding: $55.00 (Winter half rate special)

Total: $1144.86

This is very similar to Surly's stock build, but it has a far superior crankset and we can get the right length for you. We chose a triple rather than a double because the gear range you can achieve is a big advantage and you only add a few grams.
Much better wheels although I do prefer the Velocity Aerohead rims, my choice for lightweight performance touring, but they add about 60$ to the price and we were trying hard to keep this affordable. They are also available in cool colors. The rims we chose are very shiny and strong and not super heavy but certainly a little heavier than the Velocity's and better quality than the Surly spec.
Though you are not a midget you do have smaller hands and narrower shoulders than most men and the stock Surly build comes with traditional cyclocross handlebars which have a pretty substantial flare at the bottom and are quite wide. The brake levers are also, again, meant for a broader, large handed person and so we have changed to a shallower handlebar and short reach brake levers.

Heather G.


The lovely bike is done and looks fabulous!

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